Hi, I'm MrBoodaddy (aka Jeff Fajans)

I pursued the life of a professional musician in my youth, but eventually, things didn’t work out and life happened.

When my son, Hendrix, was born on December 29th, 2018, I re-found the inspiration to reignite my musical career - this time focused on creating music for and about my son’s experiences as a developing infant. 

I had so much fun combining my musical influences (from Jimi Hendrix, Justin Timberlake, Rage Against the Machine, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kendrick Lamar, and more) with the hilarious moments and developmental phases my son was going through that I committed to creating at least one album every year of my son’s life until he gets old enough to tell me to stop because I am embarrassing him. 


My goal is to create authentic and raw music that authentically captures my son’s spirit, interests, and experiences - from his perspective as a developing kid in the world.

This isn’t about creating rinky-dink children’s music that treats kids as incapable of knowing who they are and what to think or do. This is about flipping kids’ music on its head to make it more respectful of the little human being that each kid is and celebrating their true perspectives.

And, it’s just so much fun for me to tap into my own inner child and try to put myself in my son’s shoes as I am creating music for and with him.

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Hendrix and Daddy Recording Vocals for Sippy Cup