Kids' Music that Actually Rocks🤘

Why torture yourself & pump your kids' brains full of rinky-dinky kids' music?

It's time to change up your kids' playlist and start listening to songs that will spark their creativity, joy, and confidence - with the added bonus that YOU (Yes, YOU the PARENT) will have fun, too!

"It's like Beastie Boys for Babies!"

- Tess Taylor, President of National Association of Record Industry Professionals

Tired of listening to the same old, cookie-cutter children's music?

JF Mrboodaddy

Is it possible to make funky fresh music that appeals to both kids and parents alike?

If you ask MrBoodaddy (aka Jeff Fajans), the answer is an emphatic yes.

Far from most cookie-cutter songs written for toddlers and children, MrBoodaddy’s music captures the authenticity, joy, craziness, and fun of little kids and parents experiencing the world together.

MrBoodaddy pursued the life of a professional musician in his youth, but eventually, life happened - as he completed graduate school, took on steadier jobs, and dedicated himself to his family. But no matter how much he settled into his new lifestyle, he never lost his love of music.

When he had his first child on December 29th, 2018, he named the boy Hendrix (after his all-time favorite musician & guitarist) and found the inspiration to reignite his musical career – this time focused on creating music for and about his son’s experiences as a developing toddler.

MrBoodaddy's goal is to create authentic and raw music that authentically captures his son’s spirit, interests, and experiences - from his perspective as a developing kid in the world,.

This isn’t about creating rinky-dink children’s music that treats kids as incapable of knowing who they are and what to think or do.

This is about flipping kids’ music on its head to make it more respectful of the little human being that each kid is and celebrating their true perspectives (and making music that actually rocks🤘)

Listen Below!

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